Uganda 2018 – Visiting the “Pearl of Africa” for the First Time

Where to begin….?

I truly don’t know where to begin talking about this study trip. I was in Uganda for just over a fortnight, and saw and learned so much in such a short time. I’m going to be processing it for months I think.

I was braced for some things, like the wildlife (which was incredible and still blew my mind); but I didn’t know what to expect from towns, people, food, farming…living in the Scottish Highlands doesn’t really brace you for the sensory overload that is Kampala.

Truly, I loved it. What a country.

The first week was spent touring around the various National Parks with Gerald Kasirye, of African Safari Masters. Gerald was a fantastic guide, very knowledgeable, and super patient with me taking photos of pretty much everything, from elephants to ants – I would fully recommend him and his company. We traveled from Lake Mburo, to the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, to Ishasha, to Queen Elizabeth National Park and back to the city – too much to recount in one blog (but I’ll write separate posts and link them in over time).

The second week was split between Kampala and camping and fishing up at Murchison Falls National Park with friends. A totally different week, and heaps more tsetse flies…but totally incredible. Nile perch, semutundu, hippos at the campsite, BBQ’s of fresh caught fish, leopards…

The Power of Murchison Falls. Photograph Description: Murchison Falls waterfall, where the River Nile cuts through a gulley in the rock; towers of white water, the air full of spray from the waterfall, and a rainbow sits in the air in the foreground. The ground was shaking with the power of the water – it was incredible.

I’m going to keep coming back to Uganda in this blog as there is too much to talk about in one go. Wildlife management, National Parks, farming, culture, food, forestry will all get their own posts at some point and be linked back here.

The only downside of going to Uganda? The fruit was so good out there, I can’t eat pineapples, mangoes, or anything else back home now without being a bit disappointed! Can’t wait to go back…

2 Comments on “Uganda 2018 – Visiting the “Pearl of Africa” for the First Time

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  2. I am glad to find a blog post talking about travel and Gerald Kasirye in one breath. Apart from being an experienced tour guide and knowledgeable operator, he is also an expert in driving on the tricky roads in Uganda.
    Thank you for recommending his services.

    Frank Mubiru,
    California, USA.

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