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Looking Back on 2017 – April, May & June

Continuing on from yesterday… April April was a month of highs and lows. I went heather burning for the first time (…an experience all of its own). I dragged my brother out to the hill to survey aspens and badgers; and I attended the… Continue Reading “Looking Back on 2017 – April, May & June”

High Flying and Deer Counting

We’ve had a busy couple of days so far this week with our Deer Management Groups’ deer count. Finally grabbing a couple of days of decent – but still pretty choppy and snowy – flying weather, deer stalkers from within the management group gathered… Continue Reading “High Flying and Deer Counting”

A Start of the Year Update

I haven’t posted anything for ages (December, how embarrassing), so I thought I’d just give a wee update of what I’ve been up to. January: An interesting way to start the year, the perks included beating on my friends shoot and coming home with a… Continue Reading “A Start of the Year Update”

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